Classic and Kit cars

Classic and Kit Car Insurance from Autonational Insurance

Insurance for Classic, Kit and Vehicles of Historical interest

If you own a classic or kit car our experienced team can handle most of your specialist insurance needs.

We can cover all types of vehicles, from a Classic Mini, to custom built Exocet or V-Storm right through to an iconic Porsche 911. As real enthusiasts ourselves, we care about finding you the best policy possible and we can guide you through all the considerations.  Limited mileage insurance schemes are available too as you’d expect.

Get a quote now to see how much you could save and join our other clients who have already trusted Autonational as their trusted Car Insurer.

Agreed Value Schemes

We can offer ‘agreed value’ policies which means if the worst does happen, you have a guarantee as to the agreed value of your vehicle.

Insurance from real enthusiasts

We’ve an impressive suite of classic and specialist vehicles ourselves at Autonational. From Classic Campers and iconic sportscars, we love historic and vehicles of interest as much as any petrolhead.

Any age of vehicle

We know that owners of specialist and classic vehicles make better drivers and so, we have no age limit to the vehicles we insure.