Imported Vehicles

Imported Vehicle Insurance from Autonational Insurance

Imported Car Insurance

Unlike the 1990’s, the U.K Car Insurance market is, or should be used to imported car insurance now and at Autonational, we have a specialist team who understand just how to treat these vehicles when it comes to insurance.

We partner with some of the UK’s largest insurers to provide cover for cars such as high performance imported Imprezas, Evo’s or slightly more sedate Pajero’s or Legacy’s.

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Japanese Grey Imports

Once a fearful phrase, ‘grey imports’ nowadays are often high regarded as cosseted and respected cars by owners and insurers alike.

American Muscle

Lover of the V8 burble and bulging bonnets of cars like the iconic Mustang? Us too. Speak with us so we can see what we can do to find you the very best deal.


Ex-Military vehicles are highly collectable and very well respected in enthusiast circles. Need an insurer? Speak with us.