Convicted Drivers

Convicted Drivers Insurance from Autonational Insurance

Convicted Driver Insurance

Our experienced team, who can meet the needs of convicted drivers, can handle virtually all your insurance needs, be it a drink-driving conviction, 12 or more points on your licence or a minor SP20 speeding conviction and we cater for most vehicles too.

We have great discounts available for people who complete the rehabilitation scheme helping to make your convicted driver insurance even more affordable.

Get a quote now to see how much we may be able to help you save.

Speeding Convictions

Statistically we know that a large amount of the U.K driving population will receive a minor speeding conviction at some point. But this needn’t mean inflated or unaffordable premiums.

Banned Drivers

If you’ve previously been banned it may seem like you’ll never be able to obtain affordable insurance again. We’ll work closely with you to find you the best deals.

Expiring Conviction?

Points don’t last a lifetime and by discussing your precise circumstances, we can look to see if points set to expire soon can be individually considered.