Modified Cars

Modified Car Insurance from Autonational Insurance

Modified Cars

We’ve a team of skilled and enthusiastic specialists ready to attend to most of your insurance needs, be it a hot hatch or a supercar, we strive to find the right policy for you.

Dealing with some of the UK’s largest insurers, we can insure most modified vehicles from ‘home brew’ turbo conversions, ‘low and slow’ classics and even engine upgraded vehicles.

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Any Modifications considered

Whether you’ve simply lowered your ride on springs, fitted a sportier sounding exhaust or gone the whole hog and swapped out and upgraded the engine and ECU, we’ve a panel of insurers to approach with your unique build.

No Engineers Report

If your car is ‘legal’ and has passed it’s MOT there’s normally no reason for us to ask you for an engineers report but you must declare ALL of your modifications.

Favourable Upgrades

Always tell us the full extent of ALL your modifications because sometimes, they may count in your favour, if you’ve upgraded brakes after modifying an engine for example.